Barquentine Atlantis

Barquentine Atlantis

The Atlantis is an elegant, oceangoing three-masted barquentine for a maximum of 32 guests.

  • built in 1905 as the light vessel "Elbe 2"
  • 1984 converted into a tall ship
  • length 57 m (187 ft), width 7,50 m (24.6 ft), load
    draft 4,5 m (13.1 ft), sail surface: 742 sqm (7987 sq ft)
  • crew 8 men/women
  • sails under a Dutch flag
  • languages spoken on board: English, German, Dutch

Atlantis - decks

  • 16 2-bed cabins, approx. 10 sqm (108 sq ft), level-access single beds, ensuite shower/WC and air conditioning.

Atlantis - 2-bed cabin
Atlantis - 2-bed cabin

On the main deck of Atlantis, there is the stylish saloon und a cozy bar.

Atlantis - restaurant
Atlantis - saloon

The upper deck feateres ample seating and an outdoor cocktail bar. When the weather is nice, meals are taken here.

Atlantis - deck

For health and safety reasons, smoking on the barquentine Atlantis is only permitted on the sun deck!

In 2024, the Atlantis will be sailing the tour