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Our discounts - clear and simple

Best-BikeTours - Our discounts

Early bird discount 2024
Your preferred dates are still bookable and flights are still affordable. Booking well in advance is favourable and worthwhile.

  • If you book by 31.01.2024 you will receive a 15 € rebate for every traveller
  • Conditions: A firm booking received by us prior to 31.01.2024
  • The rebate for all boat & bike tours is even 30 € until 31.01.2024
    Conditions: A firm booking received by us prior to 31.01.2024

Small groups discount
It’s more fun together!

  • If you are 6 or more people booking together, every traveller receives a 15 € rebate.
  • Conditions: At least 6 paying travellers booking simultaneously, separate invoices are available if required

Discounts for regular customers
Did you enjoy your tour? Why not join us again.

  • Everyone who as booked at least a tour with us will receive a 15 € rebate for consecutive bookings, for every participating traveller.
  • Conditions: Proof of previous bookings must be supplied when making new bookings (name of tour, name of traveller given for booking, date of booking)

All types of discounts may be combined, the maximum rebate is 45 € per person. This applies to customers of all ages - whenever costs are incurred, rebates may be applicable. This is our simple and transparent statement.

Best-BikeTours - Our discounts