Danish Sailing Vessels

Who isn’t impressed by a speeding, full-sail two- or three mast sailing boat? Some of these traditional sailing boats have survived and have been converted and modernised and form part of a number of ships which are used in the Baltic Sea for our bike & ship tours.

Most of these boats were built between 1900 and 1920. While they were designed as sailing boats for freight or for fishing, they were converted into passenger boats and can house around 15-20 people.

Length approx 40 metres [130 feet], width approx. 6-6.5 metres, [20-22 feet]
Sail surface area approx 350-400 square metres [3800-4000 square feet]
3-4 men crew

Languages on board: german, english

  • 8-10 exterior cabins with loft beds, available as 2- or 4-bed cabins
  • All cabins feature a sink and storage space for luggage, two showers and two toilets are shared.

The space and rooms previously used for storing freight have been converted into cozy common rooms.

The upper deck features partial seating and storage space for bikes.

For safety reasons, smoking is only permitted on the sun deck.

In 2021, traditional Danish sailing boats will be the hub for bike & ship tours.