MS Flora

MS Flora

The MS Flora is a small river cruise ship that can carry a maximum of 22 passengers.

  • build in 1929
    ex Jelmar
  • 1994 converted into a cruise ship
  • renovated in 2007
  • length: 40 m (132 ft), width: 6 m ( 20 ft), load draft:
    1,50 m (5,2 ft)
  • crew 3 man/women
  • sails under a Dutch flag
  • Languages spoken on board: English, German, Dutch
  • WiFi available

MS Flora - decks

  • 10 outside cabins, approx. 8 sqm (86 sq ft)
  • level-access beds

All cabins aboard the MS Flora with en-suite bathrooms and openable bull eyes.

MS Flora - cabin

MS Flora - twin cabin

MS Flora - cabin
cabins on the MS Flora

  • spacious saloon
  • seated sundeck
  • storage space for bikes

MS Flora - restaurant

restaurant & saloon aboard the MS Flora

MS Flora - restaurant

The sunroof offers seating. It is also used as a storage facility for your bicycles.

MS Flora - sundeck

For health and safety reasons, smoking on MS Flora is only permitted on the sun deck!

In 2024 the Flora will be sailing on

In 2025 the Flora will be sailing on